Merkur Kommunikation helps you and your company communicate in a simple and relevant way with the right targetgroup(s). The direct aim of the communication is to support your and your company’s business objectives. This could for example be stimulating indirect sales through storytelling about the value you create for your customers as well as your results, products and services, skills and way of working.

Special knowledge

Merkur Kommunikation is founded and managed by Poul Breil-Hansen, who holds a masters degree in Literature and a degree in Journalism. He has solid experience from consulting and supporting B2B-corporations for more than 20 years. Poul holds special knowledge about complex business fields such as Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and Logistics, business-IT, Process Optimisation, Lean/Six Sigma, Performance Management, Strategy Development and Execution, Finance Management, Activity Based Management, innovation, CSR etc.


I cooperate with a broad network of partners that complement the services of Merkur Kommunikation with graphic design, photos, language and writing courses, events, web programming, social media, etc.

My focus areas

I mainly work as a communications consultant or outsourced communications manager in long term projects with my customers. I attach importance to:

  • Getting in close contact with my customers to get insight into their values and priorities.
  • Going directly for the elements that create value for the customer.
  • Communications goals supporting the overall business goals of the customer.
  • Professionalism in all dimensions.
  • Quick actions.
  • Thoroughness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Visible results.

In return I expect my customers:

  • To act in a professional manner.
  • To be loyal.
  • Demonstrate openness and trust.


Merkur Kommunikation is currently involved in projects for a number of clients and has previously provided services and solutions for Post Danmark, Valcon Management Consultants, Consafe Logistics Holding AB, 3rd Dimension, BizBrains, Lean Akademiet, Langebæk A/S,, Horisont Gruppen/Erhvervsmagasinet SCM & Logistik, Dansk Taxi Råd, Dansk PersonTransport, Dematic Ltd., Logica, Cornator, Implement, 4Improve, PA Consulting, Computer Associates, Intermate, McCann Momentum, InnovaCon, EG A/S, Evenex (formerly PROGRATOR/gatetrade), ABC Softwork, The Competence Company, Alumni Association of Executive MBA Business School of Aarhus etc.

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